Save Our Pitch!

Springhurst Park is one of the few pitches the city has in the downtown area.  Walkable from the core, near the transitway, and easily accesible by car, Springhurst Park has served the Wolves well. However, the Park is under two threats from the city: the first came as part of

Spring Tournaments

One piece of feedback the Wolves have often received from players is that they would like more International Gay Rugby Association and Board (IGRAB) tournaments. This year, the Wolves have  a goal of attending 2 tournaments: a spring tournament and a fall tournament. In the US, many spring tournaments start

Fifth Annual General Meeting

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You’re invited to the 5th Annual General Meeting of the Ottawa Wolves Rugby Football Club. The meeting will be held on Saturday, February 23rd from 5:00pm-7:00pm at Broadway Bar & Grill on Preston. Please note that only members are eligible to vote on any motions, but everyone is welcome to