The Captain and Assistant Captain are nominated and elected at the beginning of each season by a vote of their teammates:


2017: Emilie Letourneau (C)
2016: Elisa Soto-Danseco (C), Nadine Elle, Emilie Letourneau (A)
2015: Carah Hudson(C), Nadine Elle, Elisa Soto-Danseco (A)
2014: Rachel Montgomery (C), Carah Hudson (A)
2013: Rachel Montgomery (C), Leah Jane Garrett (A)


2017: Dave Moncur (C), Nich Matthews, Caleb Rempel(A)
2016: Jean-Francois Laberge (C), Caleb Rempel, Jackson Eyres (A)
2015: Chris Fennell (C), Dave Moncur, Karim Pringle (A)
2014: Mike Fancie (C), Chris Fennell (A)
2013: Johnny Festarini (C), Damian Kotzev (A)
2012: Daniel Harris (C), Aaron Dooley (A)
2011: Johnny Festarini (C)
2010: Chris Fennell (C), Gord Hawkshaw (A)
2009: Chris Fennell (C), Ryan Stevenson (A)



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